Press Freedom Defense monitored (373) attacks against journalists during the past year.
(Middle East Eye): The main western media interprets the popular protests in #Iraq as a popular uprising against Iran's influence in the country, as well as the frustration that befell the masses from the corrupt political elite that controls the country's wealth.
Press reports: The promises of Baghdad government’s in 2019 were unfulfilled with the new year, and the protesters demonstrated to get their rights, not to obtain reform promises that all Iraqis know in advance are false.
UNICEF: The year 2019 was devastating for children living in conflict situations. Thousands of them are in camps, detention centers, or orphanages in Iraq, Syria, and other countries, joining the numbers of the most miserable children in the world.
Local sources: A number of protesters were injured in clashes with government forces in the city of Karbala when the demonstrators renewed their anger on Iran's allies in Iraq who control Iraq, the protesters stopped oil fields ,closed the main roads and continued sit-in.
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