Press sources: The Iraqi government authorities sentenced to death 6 brothers from Nineveh; after being charged under Article 4 of the (anti-terrorism law), which is employed by the Baghdad government for sectarian purposes.
Al-Araby Al-Jadeed:The local &Iranian contracting companies;have developed the old camps &headquarters of the Iraqi state before the US occupation;to turn them into permanent headquarters of the militias in the provinces of Anbar,Diyala,Nineveh,Ta'meem,Salahuddin &Baghdad belt.
The International Classification of Freedom in the Countries of the World for the year 2019 indicates the presence of Iraq in the list of non-free countries by obtaining only (32) out of (100) in the scale of ratings.
Press sources: (Arab Tribal Council) in the province of Nineveh, north of Iraq; confirms that the Popular Mobilization militias have threatened the population of 26 villages in the areas of Nineveh Plain; by the arrest or displacement.
Press sources :A former member of the parliamentary Committee on (oil and gas) admits that the corruption in the Iraqi oil sector is unprecedented.
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