Press sources: Conflicting statements have been said by the militia leaders in Iraq after the head of the Popular Mobilization disowned a statement by his deputy about the role of UN in the blasts that hit the militias' weapons depots in Baghdad & provinces in the past days.
Press reports: The weakness of state institutions in Iraq has moved into the health sector for years; the government officials at the Ministry of Health can no longer deny the physical harm to doctors every day; but they have provided few superficial solutions.
Press reports: The government authorities in Iraq are silent about the violence faced by doctors and other medical personnel, although it is moving towards serious harm to the health sector that may amount to a lack of access to medical care in a volatile country.
Greenpeace International: Iraq is among the most polluted countries in the world, based on the results of a global analysis data collected by NASA by satellite.
Informed sources: More than 12,000 abductees in Iraq remain in dozens of secret prisons run by militias; hundreds of those abducted, especially those absent from Jurf al-Sakher areas south of Baghdad, were killed on sectarian grounds.
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