Heyet Net - Quotations/ Under the government neglect,Iraq losses thousands of arable land annually due to the scarcity of water.
Press sources:The government authorities in Iraq have executed 6 detainees in its prisons, despite the expiration of (powers) of the current government and non-formation of the new one.
Press reports:Influential groups backed by militias belonging to political parties, and are an economic front for government officials;use the banks of Shatt al-Arab in Basra to smuggle up to ten thousand barrels of oil per day,with the knowledge of the local authorities .
Heyet Net/ The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: Baghdad government is not serious in dealing with the increasing cases of poisoning suffered in Basra province.
Informed sources: Dozens of activists have left Basra, for fear of pursuing the militias and the political parties, especially after the wave of assassinations in the province, which is witnessing intensive arrests.
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