Diwaniyah demonstrators have joined Nasiriyah's ones in Haboubi Square in southern Iraq, and Tahrir Square in # Baghdad has received demonstrators from all Iraq, to prove unity of the Iraqis and to drop the entire political process and insist on this without retreat.
(10) people were killed , and dozens wounded after gunmen opened fire on the demonstrators near Al-Khilani Square and Al-Senak Garage building in central Baghdad.
Amnesty International: The Baghdad government has failed to end the arrests of activists, demonstrators and journalists in Iraq, suggesting that it is lenient with those who commit it and do not care about these abuses.  
Medical sources: (25) demonstrators have been injured due to stabbing with knives by militia elements in Tahrir Square in Baghdad  
Demonstrations and strikes in the province of Maysan in the south and the province of # Ta'meem in the north are continuing with the participation of all segments of society to demand the overthrow of the political system in # Iraq, and hold accountable corrupt and criminals.
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