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Iraq News Summary (5 October 2014)

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  Revolutionaries manage to control most of Anbar territory

  According to reports from Anbar province on Sunday; citing of a high-level military source, saying, after fierce fighting; the government troops forced to retreat in front of the advance of the gunmen in the city of Ramadi, the center of the province.
  The source explained in remarks; that the government army units that were deployed in a number of neighborhoods of the city of Ramadi, withdrew from all their positions, and were stationed at the headquarters of the so-called "Anbar Operations Command," which is located in the region of the presidential palaces northern the city.
  The source did not disclose the reasons for such withdrawal; admitted that Ramadi now under the control of armed men, while local sources confirmed that the advance of the militants led members of the military to escape, who have suffered losses in lives and equipment, but did not know the details yet.
  At the same time, the government army and its pro-militias continued bombing of the cities of Anbar province yesterday evening, by mortar and artillery, as well as missiles, what caused the deaths and injury of civilians is not yet known.
  In this context, dozens of families forced to flee their homes in the district Heat, western Anbar province, within the last few hours; result of violent aerial and artillery bombardment implemented by government forces as well as the heated battles near the district few days ago.
According to another reports; the government army forces along with militias and the Awakening; suffered a new defeat after clashed with gunmen seized control of the center of the district of Heat earlier, what made these forces take retaliatory action against residents after its inability to withstand attacks by insurgents.

In Tamim province, eight members of the forces "Peshmerga" were wounded, some of them in serious condition; due to the fall of a number of mortar shells at the headquarters of gathering Sunday afternoon in the village (Al-Abada) of the district (DAQUQ) south of the city of Kirkuk.

As a government soldier was wounded when a roadside bomb targeted a military patrol in Salahuddin province.

While, two civilians were killed including a child, and wounded six others with various injuries; result of a bomb explosion on Sunday near a popular park in the (al-Jihad neighborhood) in which families gather to celebrate Eid south west of the capital Baghdad, in the fourth accident since yesterday.

As mortar shells landed on a checkpoint of the Awakening forces on Sunday evening in the region (Arab Jabour) of the area (Dora) south of the capital Baghdad, killing and wounding four policemen, also wounding four civilians who were near the place.

In continued to target the competencies, a university professor was seriously wounded, and his son was killed in an adhesive bomb in his car on a Sunday evening in the area (Saydea) southwest of the capital Baghdad, which is witnessing a new wave of bombings that killed dozens.

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