Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:21

French media: French Military Forces Fight on the Front Lines in Nineveh

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French media: French Military Forces Fight on the Front Lines in Nineveh


A televised report displayed on (France 24) belonging to Paris government revealed that special French forces are participating in the aggression against Mosul and offering support to the government forces and militias .


The report showed a number of French soldiers with heavy weapons , night binoculars and different equipments while they were discussing military plans and progress of the battles at the suburbs of the city.


The mission of French special troops, which the report said that they are on the ground fighting alongside the government forces ,seems beyond mere access to information and search for explosives because they are located at the distance of 500 meters only away from the clashes, as the report confirmed.


According to the report, the French occupation troops are helping the government forces and militias in determining of the goals and providing of the logistical support , while the photos published in this regard; showing the use of those soldiers artillery and heavy weapons.


The French troops have offered support and training to the militias' fighters and Peshmerga as well as to Baghdad government forces confidentially since two years –according to the same report-while Haidar Al-Abadi is still denying the presence of foreign fighters in Iraq ,in a failed attempt of misleading.   


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