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Thursday, 18 May 2017 17:53

Mosul suffers of full siege and indescribable calamity

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Mosul suffers of full siege and indescribable calamity


The situation of Mosul city and its people has gone beyond mere warnings that a humanitarian disaster could be occurred to an indescribable real tragedy where the smell of death is emitting from the ruins of buildings, and the civilians are facing horror and sorrow which the city has not witnessed before.


In this regard, UNHCR says that its relief program in Mosul needs a budget of ($578) million, but it has received ($105) million alerting that this deficit will negatively affect its capacities.


The press news referred that Andre Mahecic ,the spokesman of UNHCR,told reporters in Geneva that the  organization has recently opened a new camp south of Mosul to deal with a state of emergency coinciding with the military operations in the city, but the camp would only accommodate 9,000 people Only, which is much lower than the total number of displaced persons who are growing daily and do not have a shelter.


Mahecic showed that (Hammam Al-Alil 2) Camp ,where the number of displaced people has risen to (30,000) persons, is overcrowded and cannot accommodate additional numbers indicating that the new displaced people have asserted to UN staff that Mosul has become a city of ghosts suffering of shortage in food and water ;furthermore, the daily shelling on its neighborhoods has made the living there is so difficult.


Suspended displacement


People in Mosul are subjected to many difficulties in transportation to leave the besieged areas under the violent and indiscriminate shelling carried out by USA and the aircraft of government army ;simultaneously, with the ongoing artillery shelling which has caused destroying of the homes, civil institutions and infrastructure .As a result, entire neighborhoods have become ruins according to field reports asserting  the existence of  real and intended obstacles preventing the displaced civilians of heading for the safe places as the mentioned organizations admitted.


(Heyetnet) assured that the government authorities, which control (Muneera Bridge) south of Mosul, intend to close it against the displaced people by forcing them to wait for a long time before opening it then close it again in an attempt to provoke people to despair, especially when they say offensive words outside the framework of morality, synchronized with operating of songs and the sectarian slogans through loudspeakers.


For this reason, the health conditions of patients and elderly people in particular are exacerbated, Also women and children suffer from severe exhaustion which often leads to fainting and loss of consciousness. Furthermore,  in the absence of treatment and the means of ambulance, some have been forced to remain outdoors despite the risks  ,and the lack of food and drink has caused diseases to a number of people; especially children including bloody diarrhea, because they have to drink contaminated water, according to reports and medical sources.


The figures show tragedy

The aforementioned information agrees with reports asserting that more than (630,000) people have left Mosul and the surrounding areas since the start of the aggression in the last October, including (450,000 ) people who have been displaced from the right side of Mosul, and (300,000) persons are still being trapped there.

The tragedy of Mosul does not include what has just been mentioned ,but also hundreds of persons are weekly killed due to shelling ; who their bodies stay under rubble as no one can pick up them from one side, and there are no place to bury them from the other. UN asserts that the number of wounded civilians has amounted to (12,000), and the fight witnessed by the city has affected on the humanitarian situation; meanwhile, the regional manager of International Committee of the Red Cross mentioned in the middle of this week within the televised declarations that the staff of the organization has received a large number of the wounded who left the city earlier ;moreover, the civilians face extreme risks referring that the situation of the trapped people in the besieged areas is disastrous because of the random shelling .

The current figures on the number of victims and displaced persons and the approximate statistics taken from the field reports indicate the extent of the destruction inflicted on Mosul; that the aggression against it is intended to achieve deliberate human annihilation in the first place, and to make the city incapable of living in one of the most blatant crimes of the times  that is committed  in front of the eyes of the world and public opinion, which  was unable to respond  to restrain the disaster, and does not seem to have intentions to do so in the future.


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