The Syrian Network for Human Rights: The death toll from the bombing of the Syrian regime and its allies, Russia and Iran, reached (3364) civilians, including (842) children and (747) women in Syria, in (2019).  
At least 80,000 Syrian civilians have been displaced to areas near the border with Turkey within (5) days, to escape the shelling of the regime, Russia, and terrorist groups affiliated with Iran.
Al-Nahda Pioneers Movement for the Liberation of Arab Ahwaz: The Iranian Revolutionary Guard plan to conspire against the Ahwazi and Iraqi people, as it builds camps in Al-Ahwaz and the border cities with Iraq, to thwart the October Revolution.
The New York Times reports on US officials: Iran is continuing to build an arsenal of ballistic missiles, exploiting the chaos in Iraq & the region, and the preoccupation of regional powers and news of the transfer of these short-range missiles to secret warehouses in Iraq.
Amnesty International:The Iranian authorities are committing horrific crimes and disgracefully disregarding the lives of Iranians;their forces have committed killings that have left at least 208 people in less than a week, raising the organization's concern about these violations
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