Al-Nahda Pioneers Movement for the Liberation of Arab Ahwaz: The Iranian Revolutionary Guard plan to conspire against the Ahwazi and Iraqi people, as it builds camps in Al-Ahwaz and the border cities with Iraq, to thwart the October Revolution.
The New York Times reports on US officials: Iran is continuing to build an arsenal of ballistic missiles, exploiting the chaos in Iraq & the region, and the preoccupation of regional powers and news of the transfer of these short-range missiles to secret warehouses in Iraq.
Amnesty International:The Iranian authorities are committing horrific crimes and disgracefully disregarding the lives of Iranians;their forces have committed killings that have left at least 208 people in less than a week, raising the organization's concern about these violations
Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz: The Iranian authorities turned the areas of the Ahwaz Arab into military barracks; after killing (60) demonstrators in the towns and cities of the province during the protests in the country recently.
Palestine: A new aerial shelling carried out by the Israeli warplanes on (Beit Lahia) in the besieged Gaza Strip; resulted in 3 martyrs, & raised the number to 10, including the leader of the Islamic Jihad(Bahaa Abu al-Atta)& his wife at dawn Tuesday (12-11 -2019).
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